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Iceland is known for its unspoiled natural beauty. We strive to constantly create opportunities for travelers to explore Iceland off the beaten path, to experience the uniqueness and purity of the country. With great pride comes great responsibility.


Our main goal as a company is to minimize the ecological footprint of our work and to keep the nature and environment intact for the generations to come, of both locals and travelers.

  • We recycle all waste at our work stations, including paper, plastic, cans, bottles, as well as compostable waste. We make sure to properly dispose of all waste.

  • We have integrated the use of electronic communications and digital material for all our work processes (safety plans & work manuals, preparation & operations of tours, promotions, sales & accounting).

  • We inform clients of the Icelandic Pledge and encourage them to share this with travelers before they start their trip to Iceland so they are motivated to participate and travel around Iceland in a responsible and sustainable way. We emphasize responsible and respectful travelling in all our travel documents as well as our direct communication with travelers.

  • The tour managers and guides we work with are all committed to minimize the ecological footprint of tourism. They work to keep travellers informed of their responsibility as well as carefully inspecting stops and rest areas to ensure they are left in the same condition as they were found or better.

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