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Our activity tours are led by an expert in the chosen field such as hiking, trekking, running or biking. We take you to discover magical areas of Iceland and explore them further with daily activity sessions. We will also cover the main touristic destinations to offer you a complete view of this active volcanic island. For some programs it is necessary to stay in tents or huts with shared facilities for part of the program but for most programs we stay in country hotels with private facilities. For For activity programs such as hiking, running and biking we focus on the period from end of June to mid-September but we offer custom hiking and running tours outside this period.


The tours are open to everyone, both pro-athletes and amateurs can participate in the stages we put together in the wilderness of Iceland. The relaxed and friendly atmosphere you can find at every event will allow both amateurs and pro-athletes to challenge themselves surrounded by the unbelievable Icelandic nature!

Sample: 9-day hiking itinerary

This is a dynamic and adventurous program for those who want to go beyond the main tourist attractions, to discover the fascinating Icelandic nature. With an intense rhythm, ideal for expert travellers and young people of spirit, you will discover waterfalls, lakes, parks and the exciting slopes of the glacial desert.


Day 1

Arrival at Keflavik International Airport, transfer by Flybus to Reykjavik. Hotel accommodation in Reykjavik city centre.

Day 2

Today is a long driving day. After breakfast, we depart for North Iceland. After driving through valleys and over mountain passes, we reach the Skagafjordur region around noon. We continue to one of Iceland’s deepest fjords, Eyjafjordur, from there we proceed to Lake Myvatn. Lake Myvatn area, is known for its unique geological formations and geothermal activity as well as its rich birdlife in summer. We will overnight in the area for two nights.

Day 3

After breakfast, we will hike between some of the major attraction in Lake Myvatn. Storagja is a hot spring at the bottom of a steaming lava fissure. Close to it is the better known Grjotagja, a lava cave featuring a geothermal spring inside. Next, we hike to the top of Hverfjall which is high tephra explosion crater (396 km, with an approx. 1 km diameter) for an astounding view of the surrounding area. Next is Dimmuborgir (‘Dark Fortress’) a field crowded with huge lava rock formations which make you feel like you stepped into another world. The hike (approx. 15 km) will take around 3 hours with stops and afterwards we will explore some of the other attractions in the area by coach.


Day 4

After breakfast, we head towards Modrudalur, crossing the plateau with wonderful lunar panoramas along the way. In the afternoon we hike to from Saenautasel to Fjallakaffi café on Modrudalur farm.

The farm of Sænautasel, situated up in the highland of Jokuldalsheidi, was inhabited from 1843-1943 except for the on 1875-1880 when it was abandoned due ashfall from an eruption in Askja volcano in 1875. The farm has been rebuilt and is now open for visitor in summer. Modrudalur farm lies at an altitude of 469 m, higher than any other Icelandic farmstead. The hike is approx. 30 km and will take up to 7 hours. We continue by coach to Egilsstadir area for overnight.


Day 5

After breakfast, we travel along the roads of the Eastfjords, between various small fishing villages surrounded by majestic mountains overlooking the sea, to arrive in the green oasis of Skaftafell, located under the glacier and the largest national park in Europe, the majestic Vatnajökull.

We hike from Stadarborg in Breiddalur valley to Flogufoss waterfall. The valley of Breiðdalur is the longest and widest of the valleys in Eastern Iceland. Surrounded by majestic mountains rising on both sides to over 1100 m. Flogufoss waterfall is around 60 m high and is the highest waterfall in the valley. The hike is approx. 15 km and will take approx. 4 hours. After the hike we have a transfer by coach to hotel for overnight.


Day 6

After breakfast travel along the last stretch of the roads of the Eastfjords and arrive in the region of Vatnajokull glacier. Vatnajokull glacier (and its many outlet glaciers) will accompany us in the background throughout the day. Skaftafell nature reserve, is part of Vatnajokull National Park, and the magnificent contrasts of white glaciers, black sands and green meadows make it a truly magical place.  Today we will take a rather short and easy hike from Skaftafell visitor center to Svartifoss waterfall, which is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Iceland, characterised by the black basalt columns on both sides of the waterfall. The hike is approx. 5-6 km and will take approx. 2 hours. After the hike we have a transfer by coach to hotel for overnight.

Day 7

After breakfast, we begin the crossing the vast expanse of the black sands of Skeidararsandur. We also cross one of the largest lava fields in the world, Eldhraun, which was created in one of the most devastating eruptions in historic times, the Lakagígar eruption in 1783-1784.

We hike from Skogar to Thorsmork nature reserve. The route lies between two glaciers, Eyjafjallajokull and Myrdalsjokull. This is one of the most popular hiking trails in Iceland but it is quite weather dependant because the peak of the trail is 1.000 above sea level. The hike is 24km and takes approx. 9-10 hours. After the hike we have a transfer by coach to hotel for overnight.

Day 8

Today is dedicated to the famous "Golden Circle", one of the most popular tourist routes in Iceland. Visit to Thingvellir national park (UNESCO World Heritage List), site of the ancient Icelandic Parliament, which is situated on the boundaries of the North American and European tectonic plates. The next stop is Geysir geothermal area, where a short path passes between the openings of the different geysers, the most famous being Strokkur whose jet of hot water can reach 30 meters in height, with a regular frequency of about every 10 minutes. The last stop on the Golden Circle is the Gullfoss waterfall, the 'golden waterfall' generated by the Hvita river which. We arrive in Reykjavik in the afternoon.

Day 9

Departure day. Transfer by Flybus to Keflavik International Airport.

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