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Iceland is a destination with extraordinary landscapes marked by colours that every photographer should be intrigued by. But it is also a location where you want to have an expert by your side to assist you with capturing the breath-taking scenery.

Our photographers will go through the basics in a workshop environment. They will also be on hand during the day program to help you study the environment and help you deal with the various light situations that you will encounter. We will also offer you the opportunity to carry out photo sessions in the evenings to capture, the amazing light that Icelandic summer nights have to offer during our summer tours, and the beauty of the aurora borealis during our winter tours.

The journey that we will take you on is carefully planned to ensure that the optimal conditions for photography. Our experts have many years of experience in carrying out photography tours. We create tours that include the perfect locations to make your nature photography vacation a unforgettable experience. You will be amazed by the unique landscapes Iceland has to offer. Join us for a once in a lifetime photography experience. It's our goal to fulfil all your special requirements.


The tours are open to everyone but it is better if to have a basic knowledge of ISO-TEMPI-DIAFRAMMI. All technical topics will be taken up during the workshop.

Sample: 5-day winter photography itinerary

Winter Itinerary


The best period for a winter photography tour is March when the day is getting longer again in Iceland, after the limited daylight hours of winter. In March we can combine day photography to capture Iceland’s wilderness in winter colours during daylight hours and then go hunting for aurora during the night. This is a short compact and rigorous program that limits driving during daylight hours and maximizes time outside exploring and taking photos.


Day 1:

Arrival at Keflavik airport. Transfer from the airport to Reykjavik hotel.


Day 2: Golden Circle

We start our tour with the famous “Golden Circle” which includes Thingvellir National Park (on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites), Geysir geothermal area and Gullfoss waterfall. We start in Thingvellir both known for historic and geological importance. Þingvellir area is part of a fissure zone running through Iceland and is situated on the tectonic plate boundaries of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. We then continue towards the Gullfoss waterfall which we will admire for its unique beauty which really stands out in winter. After the visit of Gullfoss we head to Geysir geothermal area where famous Strokkur hot spring, spouts boiling water every 5 to 15 minutes which can reach 30 meters in height. Overnight in Skogar or Vik area.


After dinner, we will head out on a hunt for the Northern Lights if weather conditions are favorable.


Day 3: South Coast – 4x4 tour

We start the day visiting the Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss waterfalls that are particularly majestic in their winter colors. Next up a 4x4 adventure drive towards Katla outlet glacier to find a natural ice cave to explore. When we drive inland toward the glacier the landscapes around us create great contrasts of mountains, black sand, ice and snow. When we reach the glacier outlet, we will see up close the many layers of ash from previous volcanic eruptions forming black horizontal line in the glacier ice. When inside the cave we will enjoy the light bouncing off the walls of the cave showing of the natural shapes forming in the ice when it continues to melt. Since the glaciers are melting and receding each year new caves are slowly forming while others might be disappearing making each cave visit quite an exclusive feature. Overnight in Skogar or Vik area.


After dinner, we will head out on a hunt for the Northern Lights if weather conditions are favorable.


Day 4:  South Coast

Today we will continue exploring the South Coast. We will see the powerful North Atlantic Ocean in action beating and shaping the South Iceland coastline. We visit Dyrholaey promontory, the southernmost tip of Iceland where on a good day we have great views in all directions. The tip of the promontory forms a big archway large enough for boats to pass through and is the ‘door’ from which its name is drawn. Next is the magnificent black sand beach Reynisfjara. Reynisdrangar basalt pillars stand out in the ocean under Reynisfjall mountain while on shore a beautiful basalt column wall set their mark. The waves beating on the beach may seem innocent but they are surprisingly powerful so we will have to tread carefully in this stunning but treacherous location. We will drive to Reykjanes peninsula in the late afternoon and we will arrive in our airport area hotel in the early evening.


After dinner, we will head out on a hunt for the Northern Lights if weather conditions are favorable.


Day 5:

Transfer to Keflavik international airport.

Day 4_Diamond beach.jpg
Day 5_From Dyrholaey promontory.jpg
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